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Thousands of Jobs in Technology

Article Title: Thousands of Jobs in Technology
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Nobody will ever need more than 640k RAM!” – Bill Gates, 1981

Technology is defined as "the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area" according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary. So state of the art technology in the early 1970's were floppy disks, LCDs, VCRs and Pong all while we were watching Star Trek (yes, the original) with their "wireless" communicators that was true science fiction. So here we are, 40 years later with our own "communicators" (aka - Smartphones) that make the Star Trek versions look like ancient stone age tools.

Okay, I went off on a tangent. Today's post is all about finding jobs in Technology and yes, there are thousands of them. From Tech companies to Tech search engines, the following links should help you in your search for a new job.

Job Search Boards:

  • - A great place to start if you are looking for a tech job. The site leads with a simple search bos There are several links at the top for Login, Register and Options (job downloads and Recruiter Directory). The right-hand side of the page allows search by popular job locations followed by a specialized search by job skill. Overall, the site is very well done. They’ve managed to get all of the key links for their site on the main page without overcrowding and with easy user interface. There were over 8,400 job opportunities when I checked the site.

  • - "IT Jobs, Engineering Jobs and Career Resources for IT and Engineering Professionals" is the tag line for this site. Links at the top of the page for Search Jobs, Post Resume, Articles and Blogs and more. There is a simple search box at the top of the page along with a button for advanced job search. Right hand side of the page lists featured companies. Speaking of technology, you can also download an iPhone app for this site. Center page are links for Career Profiles, Hiring Reports and Job Search Tips. There were over 134,000 job opportunities when I checked the site (this is not a typo).

  • - The Career Hub for Tech Insiders. I'm sure that most of you have heard of this site. A busy site but with lots of great information and links, the main page has tabs at the top for Search Jobs, Career News and Job Showcase. This is followed by a search box on the left hand side of the screen followed by sections for browsing jobs by location or skill set. Featured companies are listed on the right hand side of the page. There were over 69,500 job opportunities when I checked the site.

Technology Companies:

  • Hewlett-Packard – HP is well known for its printers, computers (number1), medical equipment and recently announced their acquisition of Palm. Their career site has an overview on the left hand side with "Find your Fit" on the right hand side of the page. Links include Search Jobs, Submit your profile and working at HP. There were over 6,700 job opportunities when I checked (seems high, but I did say thousands of jobs).

  • Apple - iPod, iPhone, iTouch, Mac Computers and of course the new iPad. Apple's career site is everything you would expect from Apple. Crisp, clean and easy. There are a few overview words on the main page, but you can go right to the "Start your search" center right page or top right page. Clicking through, you have a choice of retail jobs (in one of their stores) or a job in Corporate. There were over 1,100 job opportunities in Corporate when I checked the site.

Good luck in your search.

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