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Searching for Jobs at the Best Companies to Work For - Vol 4

Article Title: Searching for Jobs at the Best Companies to Work For - Vol 4
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"Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit". - Frank Borman

In the "early days" (after the invention of electricity but before Personal Computers), there were all of these "perks" that were available to those lucky enough to find the right employer. I remember one of my early jobs working on the trading floor of a (then) major financial institution in NY (don't worry, they didn't actually let me do any trading) when I learned that there was free breakfast, lunch and snacks for the Traders and everyone working on the trading floor. I thought this was the best thing in the world, how neat was that? Being young, green and naive, what else would you expect? But what is "best" to some is not to others and that is what makes the "best companies" list so interesting. What is the one thing your employer could provide that would make you happy in your job? Is it the ability to telecommute or Gym discounts? Not sure? You can use the "Perk Finder" on Fortune's website to narrow down your best company (or maybe you already know the answer).

  • NuStar Energy - 21 on the list (up from 44 last year), NuStar is a pipeline operator and refinery (a spin-off of Valero). The career site has some information on the company center page and a link to job openings. From the job openings page, you must click again to get to the real job openings page. You can browse current openings and post your resume to the site. There were 21 job opportunities when I checked the site.

  • Johnson Financial Group – Based in Wisconsin, this company is a financial services firm with 63 locations. and is ranked 22 on the list (up from 25 last year). Their careers page has a brief summary overview and you must click on Enter Site to get to the main careers page. Once there, click on Search and Apply to create a job search agent and register on the site. You can view all jobs or select based on criteria. There were 15 job opportunities posted when I did a simple search.

  • Umpqua Bank - Number 23 on this year’s list, Umpqua is a financial services firm (if you've not already guessed). Their main careers page has company information in the center of the page with links to Culture, Perks and Current Openings. Their opportunities page allows registration with resume posting as well as a job search function. Click Search Career Opportunities to use their job search engine. When I checked there were 129 job opportunities across a few states, from junior jobs to senior jobs. Clicking on a job displays the job description and a “submit your application” link.

  • Goldman Sachs Group - Ranked 24 on this year’s list, Goldman is much in the news and back to earning large profits. Their main career page is pretty impressive. Several tabs at the top for Careers, the Firm, Begin and Search, click Begin to (you guessed it) begin. More tabs on this page, with Key Dates, Unique Positions, Apply Now, Recruiting Events and Summer Intern Toolkit, plan to spend a fair amount of time surfing this site.

  • Novo Nordisk - A Danish diabetes-treatment company with over 26,000 employees globally and ranked 25 on the list. Their main career page offers information on the company (center page) and a number of job search resources, including Career Paths, Culture, Opportunities and Search Jobs on the left hand side of the page. Click on Search Jobs to link to the page where you can search for job openings, log on or add your profile (and upload your resume). You can also paste your resume and have the search function check for opportunities against your resume. There were 59 opportunities when I checked.

Good luck in your search.

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