Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Employment outlook - U.S. versus India

As the economy shows signs of a rebound, positive employment numbers will hopefully not be far behind. Employment is still the ultimate benchmark to follow since people without jobs obviously spend less, and so on and so on... According to this report, India, Brazil, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Peru and Australia posted the strongest hiring outlooks. While U.S. employers plan to remain flat in the near future. But in looking at India in particular, IT hiring is strong enough that they are returning to the days of competing for workers and fighting voluntary attrition again. India did not experience the IT job cuts until long after we saw them here in the U.S., and now their recovery is years ahead of us. And based on their business model and major U.S. corporations sending still more work there, I think the only IT jobs we will see returning to that level of demand will be for new technologies and niche skills

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