Monday, February 15, 2010

Headhunters and Recruiters Revisited Vol III

Article Title: Headhunters and Recruiters Revisited Vol III
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Uncle Sam"I get up at seven, yeah, And I go to work at nine. I got no time for livin', Yes, I'm workin' all the time." Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson

So who is your agent? No, I'm not talking about movies, TV or stage, I'm talking about your recruiting agent (and not the US Army, although that's always a thought). Your recruiter, and you should have more than one, is your agent. These are the people who will represent you, help get you into the right companies and help get you interviews for the right job.

Why is this you say? Most recruiters have been in the business for years. They have connections with companies where they have successfully placed people as well as good connections with the people they placed. While they don't have all of the jobs, they do have a significant chunk (and occasionally these jobs are not posted elsewhere). I work with recruiters all of the time and have been on both sides of the job market (hiring and looking to be employed). The good ones are really good at selling you as a candidate. Are you the only candidate they are sending to any one job? The answer is a big NO, but once your resume is submitted it is really up to your background, the quality of your resume and your ability to sell yourself for the job.

Today's post is a listing of recruiters. You should work with more than one (but not hundreds). Find the recruiters that either specialize in your industry or recruit for companies that interest you.

  • Alden & Associates, Inc. – This firm specializes in executive recruiting for Higher Education. Although located in Massachusetts, prior searches cover many locations (which is true for many recruiters). Clicking on Exective Search will take you to a page that shows their current searches as well as targeted searches for Athletic Administrators, Senior Administrators and Head Coaches. Applying for a specific position will bring up a screen to enter the appropriate information. If you don’t see specific positions to apply to, forward your resume (with a cover letter).

  • Edgelink – Specializing in direct hire and contract staffing for Technology, Edgelink’s site has a number of resources for the job seeker. There is a blog (link is at the top right-hand side of the page) and there is a link to “About Edgelink” which has links to a number of resources. Clicking on “For Candidates” will open a page that allows a search of current assignments, “submit resume” and candidate login. As with all of these sites, best bet is to search jobs first and apply if appropriate, otherwise use the “submit resume” link.

  • Butterfass, Pepe & MacCallan – This firm specializes in Financial Services, the hardest hit industry (so far) in the current recession. Main page offers information on the company, services offered, industry links and “submit resume”. You can also forward your resume via em from the contact page (although I would recommend the “submit resume” function).

  • Medical Executive Search Associates, Inc (MESA) – Based in Arizona, MESA has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in the Medical Industry. Click on “Candidates” from the main page, fill out the form (don’t forget to click the “send your resume” link on the right-hand side of the form). Although the first page has key contact information, there is no indication of previous placements on the website.

  • Leathwaite International - Leathwaite is an executive search firm that covers a broad range of professions (corporate services, finance, HR, Internal Audit, etc.), sectors (Asset Management, Investment Banking, etc.) and countries. Their website is a little strange, but click on Contact Us to get their address and telephone number.

  • Abacus Group - The Abacus Group is a professional recruiting firm. Their main page has several tabs across the top (About Us, Candidates, Current Positions, etc.). You can take a look at their current positions, search by temporary/permanent and submit a resume. Their search results page allows sorting by each column. The candidates page provides detail on the services provided, a link to their current positions and a list of the industries they cover.

  • BAMM Inc. - BAMM is a professional staffing company that focuses on the Information Technology, Engineering, Financial, and Medical Fields. Clicking on the "Careers" tab takes you to a page where you can search for current openings. You can apply directly (if you find a match) or register for their site.

  • Crist/Kolder Associates - Crist/Kolder focuses on "c-level" positions. From their main page you can follow the links to their team, their approach and the industries they cover. Clicking on "Contact Us" provides several methods for getting in touch with them (mail, email and phone).

Good luck in your search.

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