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Who's Hiring at the Fastest Growing Companies - Vol X

Article Title: Who's Hiring at the Fastest Growing Companies - Vol X
Author Byline: CareerAlley
Author Website: http://Careeralley.com

fastIt's not just the fact that these companies are the fastest growing that should attract you. There are other company attributes you should consider when picking companies on your "I'd like to work there" list (and you should have this list). So what are these attributes? As an example, Huron Consulting Group (see below) is also ranked No. 22 on BusinessWeek’s List of Hot 100 Growth Companies in 2007 and is recognized as one of Consulting Magazine's 10 best consulting firms to work for in 2006. So, in addition to using the career link information provided in this post, do additional research to create your list of "Companies I'd like to work for". You may notice that I've skipped a number this post as one of the companies had no website or any other meaningful information.

  • Huron Consulting Group - Ranked 43 on this year's list (as well as the highlights listed below), has over 1,500 employees worldwide and has consulting practices in Health & Education, Legal, Financial and Corporate Professional. Their career site has links on the left hand side which provide additional information (such as culture, benefits, clients and more). The right hand side of the page has just two links - Campus/Student Recruits and Experienced Hires. There is also a link to Job Opportunities in the center of the page embedded in the last paragraph. A general search returned over 50 job opportunities across the firm. You can filter your search against location and practice from this page.

  • Dynamic Materials - This company is "the world’s leading provider of explosion-welded clad metal plates" (sounds dangerous) and is ranked 44. Amazingly, I could not find any careers page on their website. So, besides being on this list, I'm not sure how they actually source their staff requirements. But, rather than just giving up, you can go to their contacts page and fill in the form. You can also go to their home page and use the contact information on the right hand side of the page to contact them.

  • Gilead Sciences - This company is "a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative medicines in areas of unmet need" and is ranked 46 on this year's list. They have about 4,000 employees worldwide. Their careers page has a company overview in the middle of the page with links on the left hand side for Career Opportunities, Culture and US Benefits. Below this section is a link for Internship Opportunities. There were 118 career opportunities when I checked their site.

  • Iconix Brand Group - So what does Iconix do? Lots, and I'm sure you've heard of many of their brands. Iconix owns a number of fashion and home brands, such as Candies, Bongo, Joe Boxer, Danskin, London Fog and many more. Ranked 47 on this year's list, their careers page is a "Join our Team" page. There is a link to email your resume in the center of the page. Below this are logos for their brand, each of which links to a page with background on that brand.

  • Gardner Denver - Ranked 48th on the list, Gardner Denver "is a recognized leader providing compressed air and gas, vacuum and fluid transfer technologies to industries throughout the world". Their career site is fairly simple, with an overview of the company followed by a link to career opportunities. Click on Career Opportunities to lead to a list of functional areas within the company. Click on your functional area to see the job opportunities for that function. Below this section are the instructions for applying.

Good luck in your search.

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