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The Most Admired Companies - Who's Hiring Vol VIII

Article Title: The Most Admired Companies - Who's Hiring Vol VIII
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Today's list of Most Admired Companies are all in different industries and are all well known to most people. Some are struggling in today's economic environment which is to be expected, but the criteria that got these companies on the Admired list in the first place should help them through tough times and allow them to continue to succeed when times get better. Set your sights high when looking for a new job and take a look at these most admired companies.

  • Caterpillar - This company is known for industrial and farm heavy equipment and is ranked 35 on this year's list. Their careers page leads with a brief statement on the company followed by background on careers at the company. The top left hand side of the page has links for Job Opportunities, Why Caterpillar, How we Hire and Learning & Development. The center of the page has college internship openings, followed by recent college grad openings (yes, there are jobs for recent grads). Lastly, there is a section on Experienced Professional Positions (and a listing of functional areas). In the right hand side of the page is a link for "Search and apply for a job". Click the link for search and apply to load the job search engine.

  • Intel - Ranked 36 on this year's list, I first reviewed Intel in my post "Who’s Hiring in Finance?". More than anything else, Intel is know for computer chips. Their careers page is well put together. The left hand side of the page is filled with relevant links (like Job Search, Intern/Grad Opportunities, a Jobs Blog and so much more). The center of the page starts with a brief overview, followed by a quick Jobs Search box (below which are links for advanced search and recent grad/student searches). Bottom center page has a few targeted searches. The right hand side of the page has an enhanced applicant tool with an additional job search link. There were 454 jobs when I checked the site.

  • Marriott International - Known for Hotels, Casinos and Resorts, Marriott is ranked 37 on the list. Their careers page has tabs on the left hand side of the page for a company overview, Career Paths, Job Search and more. The center of the page has several paragraphs on the company but what you want to do is to click on the big red "search for jobs" link on the left hand side of the page. Once you move to the job search page, there are several links for searching for jobs within the US followed by international opportunities.

  • NestlĂ© - Ranked at 38 and a global company based in Switzerland, NestlĂ© is known for a wide range of food products. Their main career page provides an overview of the company (center page) followed by links for worldwide jobs and jobs in Switzerland. Click on the Worldwide link to view the countries of the world with links to jobs in those countries. On the right hand side of the page find links to Graduate programs. The left hand side of this page has additional links including the ability to register on the site and post your resume. Once you click on your country, a full page of additional resources and links is provided. There were 96 job opportunities in the US when I checked the site.

  • Sony - Electronics. One word best describes this company which ranked 39 on the list. Their career site is pretty neat. You can move your mouse over the picture to make it interactive. After you've played with that for awhile, you will notice several tabs at the top for Talent at Work, Benefits and more. In the top right hand corner of the page is a Career Opportunities link - click this. Now you should be on the job search page. Click all jobs or search specific jobs. There were 71 job opportunities when I checked the site.

Good luck in your search.

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