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More recruiting firms to consider

Article Title: Recruiters to the Rescue - Leverage this Resource
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I've been on most sides of the job hunt - recruiting manager, sought after by recruiters and unemployed due to mergers, divestitures and bankruptcies. In both my job search and my search for hires I've leveraged recruiters. While recruiters may not be able to solve all of your job search needs (there need to be jobs that match your background and you need to get through the interview rounds), they are a key resource in your job search and should not be overlooked. Today's post provides additional recruiter resources for your job hunt.

  • Advantage Talent - This recruiting firm specializes in financial services and accounting. Their main page gives an overview of the firm with some links to their principal recruiters. Down the left hand side of the page is a list of links (too long to list here) that provides a wealth of resources. Two of the links, Candidates and Job Openings are worth a look. Candidates provides access to an online application while Job Openings allows registration and a view to all job openings. The Management Tab provides bios of key staff as well as contact information.

  • Global Hire - Global Hire recruits a broad spectrum of job functions. The main page provides an overview of the firm with a tab at the top for "For Job Seekers". Click Contact Us for contact information and the ability to upload your resume in Word format.

  • Niagara Partners - This firm is also a general recruiting firm in that they recruit a broad range of job functions. Their main page provides an overview of the company with three main sections at the bottom - Potential Employers (not for you), Potential Candidates and Jobs. Click "Contact Us" under the Potential Candidates section to get to contact information. Click Jobs to see a wide range of current job openings (there were in excess of 45 jobs when I checked. There is an "Apply" link at the very bottom of the page to apply for any openings that match your experience.

  • Recruiting Services Group - RSG provides a full range of services for the job seeker. Their main page has a section on the right hand side for Candidate Services, which includes Career Tools (with links), Career Opportunities, Submit your Resume and "Ask a Recruiter". Click on Career Opportunities to go to their page with career opportunities by discipline. Click on your discipline to see a list of jobs. Each job listing has who to contact to apply for the job at the end of the job description. There is also a submit your resume link from this section of the site.

  • The Wimberly Group - This firm specializes in Forest Products and Manufacturing. Their main page provides a comprehensive overview of their services. There is a Contact Us tab on the left hand side of the page, use this to forward your resume.

Good luck in your search.

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