Monday, August 17, 2009

Who's Hiring Now in Energy!

Article Title: Who's Hiring Now in Energy!
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Targeted job search by industry / job function seems to be a favorite, so I will continue today with the Energy Industry. I've probably mentioned at least a dozen times that there are many job functions in each industry. As an example, you may be an accountant or a risk manager who specializes in the Energy Industry or is looking to get into a different field in your job function. So don't immediately write-off a field in which you haven't worked, there may just be a job for you.

  • - This site is a job search board for the energy industry. The main page has at the top which are for employers. Directly below this is a section called "Find a Job" which allows you to filter your search by company, location or job category. Click "Advanced Search" to broaden the search criteria. There were 183 job opportunities when I check (from systems analyst to engineer).

  • - Another partner of, this site focuses on public utilities and energy jobs. The main page has a simple search engine on the top left hand side of the page with Member Login, Post Resumes and Career Resources directly to the right of the search box. According to the site, there are over 1,000 jobs on the site with 1,071 added in the past 14 days. Post Your Resume and Job Alerts are located on the left hand center side of the page with industry information and articles directly below. To the right of this are recent job listings.

  • Energy Headhunter - The name says everything. This recruiter seems to cover the full range of jobs. Their website has links on the upper left hand side for The Firm, Our Practice, How We Work, Resumes and Contact Us. Click on Resumes for information regarding how to forward your resume. There is also a snailmail address and telephone number in the Contact Us section if you would rather use one of those methods of contact.

  • Energy, Petroleum and Gas Industry Jobs - The Job Beat... - This is the mother lode of job search resources for the Energy Industry. Scroll down the page (past the ads) and you will see an amazing number of links to resources (company websites, job search boards, by industry and by region). In the center of these resources is a simple job search engine.

  • - Another industry focused job search board. There are tabs for Job Search, My Resume and My EC Jobs. You can login or register from the right hand side of the page or use the simple search engine to start looking for a job. Below this is stats on recently posted jobs (982 jobs with 127 posted last week when I checked). Below this is a listing of featured jobs followed by a listing of featured employers.

Good luck in your search.

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