Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's 9am, do you know where your headhunter is?

Article Title: It's 9am, do you know where your headhunter is?
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Most headhunters these days are overwhelmed with resumes and underwhelmed with jobs. You can try to call them to find out where they are with your search, but believe me, they will call you when there is even the smallest chance your resume matches an opening. But if you're not listed with every recruiter who can potentially help you then it's time to grow that list (but don't tell them that).

  • Apple & Associates - Recruiting at its best is their tag line. After the Flash intro, you are lead to their main page with tabs on the top for Job Seekers, Search Jobs, Job Alerts and Hot Jobs. They specialize in a wide range of industries, from medical to financial services to manufacturing. Hot Jobs leads to, well, hot jobs. There were 49 of these when I checked. Click Job Seeker to post your resume, get contact info for sending an email to this firm or checking out a number of other resources.

  • Aquent - A simple home page, register, search jobs, learn more or find an agent. This firm specializes in graphic design and marketing/branding. You can click on find an agent to see a list of agents and their specialty. Click on any agent to get their background as well as a way to contact them. Click on search jobs where you can find an example of current assignments.

  • Brooke Street Staffing - This firm, located in White Plains NY, specializes in finance and accounting, marketing, human resources, administrative assistants, office support, customer service, and data entry clerks. They mainly serve their immediate area. You can submit your resume, contact them and look at their products and services. They do both, temporary and permanent placement. I did not see a listing of current job assignments on their site.

  • Mercury Partners - Straight from their website - "Mercury Partners is a boutique executive search practice dedicated to the specialized recruitment of global front office finance professionals". Top of their page has links to About the Firm, Specializations and Job Search. From Job Search you can register or search jobs along a number of criteria. The contact page provides a web form for contacting them along with telephone numbers and a generic email address. You can search jobs by specialties and there are a number of listings for each job type.

  • Nauticus Group - This firm specializes in Consulting, Staffing, and Direct Hire services in the areas of Accounting, Finance, and Operations. Their main page has tabs on the left for Job Opportunities, Candidates and Contact us. Click on Job Opportunities to see their current assignment and click on Contact Us to get detailed contact information on their three offices.

Good luck in your search.

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