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What Do Job Boards And T-Rex Have In Common?

Article Title: What Do Job Boards And T-Rex Have In Common?
Author Byline: Lorraine Russo
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HINT: Think dinosaur.dead-dinosaur3

Excerpts from a Quintessential Careers article:

"Job boards will be gone in 10 years or sooner."

We vote for 'sooner.' Job seekers are becoming much more savvy at finding opportunities outside of the boards. We are all learning how to develop networks and connect directly with the people making the hiring decisions.

"One of the job-board features that initially made them so attractive -- ease of applying for jobs -- has made them a significant nightmare for employers."

There was a time when job boards offered an almost-instantaneous (and convenient) method to connect employers and job they have outlived their usefulness to both parties. From the employer's perspective, they are overpriced dinosaurs. And, only 12% of their hires come through the boards, so why do employers continue to pay for the 'privilege' of posting on the boards??

For job seekers, the boards give them the opportunity to apply for jobs that 1,000 other folks have applied for. Only spammers and identify theives seem to like them.

A fall 2008 webinar by Kenexa reported a 500 to 1 chance for a job-seeker to find a job through the big three job boards, Monster, CareerBuilder, and YahooHotJobs. users find more shortcomings than advantages.

As a job seeker, this comes as no surprise. We've said many times here that the job boards are dead---time to stick a fork in 'em. As we noted in an earlier article, it’s no secret that job seekers are fed up with a cumbersome application process that leads no where (or, as we call it, the black hole). They know all too well what happens to their resumes after applying for a job through one of these sites: to infinity…and beyond!! The amount of spam mail they receive is a different story altogether.

Some job boards have become a major turnoff for job-seekers, who claim that every time they click on a page, attempts are made to trick them into agreeing to services, such as loan consolidations.

The problem is that the boards are trying to suck up as much revenue--from any source--before they go completely belly-up. Ginsu knives, anyone??

The stalemate between resume-inundated employers and job-seekers who feel ill-treated online is another reason Web 2.0 recruiting and job search are catching on.

We say it's about time! For more info on 2.0 recruiting, go here or just Google the phrase. Web 2.0 is basically a fancy catch-all name for sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Bottom Line: If you are a job seeker reading this post and NOT on any of these sites, hustle on over and sign up. Surveys show that about 1 in 5 employers are using social networks to look for job candidates.

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