Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recently Canned?

TheCanned.com is a useful, free resource for the unemployed that also takes a lighter approach to being employment challenged. It has information on filing for unemployment, health insurance options, job sites, and related articles and blogs. There is a lot of information available there that is especially useful for folks wondering where to start. And it's kinda fun, check it out.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Employment Outlook Survey for 3rd Quarter

Manpower recently released their Employment Outlook Survey for 3rd Quarter of 2009 and the net predictions remain negative for Southeast, Michigan, but better in other parts of Michigan and the country. The bulk of companies surveyed still plan no changes meaning no new jobs being created. Possible encouragement comes from most regions surveyed showing fewer companies planning to cut payrolls.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Do Job Boards And T-Rex Have In Common?

Article Title: What Do Job Boards And T-Rex Have In Common?
Author Byline: Lorraine Russo
Author Website: http://undergroundjobnetwork.com/

HINT: Think dinosaur.dead-dinosaur3

Excerpts from a Quintessential Careers article:

"Job boards will be gone in 10 years or sooner."

We vote for 'sooner.' Job seekers are becoming much more savvy at finding opportunities outside of the boards. We are all learning how to develop networks and connect directly with the people making the hiring decisions.

"One of the job-board features that initially made them so attractive -- ease of applying for jobs -- has made them a significant nightmare for employers."

There was a time when job boards offered an almost-instantaneous (and convenient) method to connect employers and job seekers...now they have outlived their usefulness to both parties. From the employer's perspective, they are overpriced dinosaurs. And, only 12% of their hires come through the boards, so why do employers continue to pay for the 'privilege' of posting on the boards??

For job seekers, the boards give them the opportunity to apply for jobs that 1,000 other folks have applied for. Only spammers and identify theives seem to like them.