Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Best Companies to Work For - Vol XII

Article Title: The Best Companies to Work For - Vol XII
Author Byline: CareerAlley
Author Website: http://careeralley.com

We continue to work our way through the 2nd half of Fortune's "the 100 Best Companies to Work for", looking for job opportunities. Yes, the unemployment rate continues to rise and we read about new job losses every day. That being said, there are plenty of jobs out there, you just need to be persistent and continue to look.

  • KPMG - Number 56 on the list, KPMG is a audit, tax and advisory firm. With over 161,000 employees globally, they hired over 1,400 people last year. The main page of their career site is split between Experienced Hires and Campus Hires. Clicking on the Experienced Hires link leads to a career page which includes an overview of the company, how to build a career at the company and job opportunities. Click on "search current openings" to link to the search page. You can add a profile, post your resume and search for jobs. There were thousands of job opportunities when I checked the site.

  • Novo Nordisk - You may not have heard of this company, which placed 57 on the list (and was not on the list last year). They are a Danish diabetes-treatment company with over 26,000 employees globally. They hired 293 people last year. Their main career page offers information on the company and a number of job search resources, including Career Paths, Culture, Opportunities and Search Jobs. Click on Search Jobs to link to the page where you can search for job openings, log on or add your profile (and upload your resume). You can also paste your resume and have the search function check for opportunities against your resume. There were 107 opportunities when I checked.

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers - Seems like all of the major accounting firms are in the top 100. PwC ranked 58 (up from 90 last year). They employ approximately 29,500 people and added 583 jobs last year. Their career page is similar to KPMG's, offering Campus Candidates and Experienced Hires links. The Experienced Hire link provides background on the company (the culture, advancing your career and "the profession). Clicking on "find your position" links to the job search functio. There were 198 job opportunities when I checked.

  • Scripps Health - Number 59 on the list, Scripps has over 10,000 employees and hired over 500 people last year. Their career site offers information on the company as well as specific information on a number of health care related fields. Click search jobs to link to the log on page, where you can register and post your resume. The bottom left hand side of the page has a "search openings" link. There were over 500 job openings when I checked the site.

  • Top Ten Career Tips - This page, from PwC's career page, offers quite a few tips, resources, videos, job search worksheets and so much more. This is definitly worth a look.

Good luck in your search.

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