Monday, November 10, 2008

Wondering what will happen with the Autos

Most of us are just waiting, knowing that something big is going to happen to the automotive industry soon, we just don't know what yet. GM has shelved the Chrysler "merger" talks. Apparently nobody else is in line to but Chrysler either. The question might be who survives long enough to buy the remaining parts of those that fail. Government assistance is inevitable, there are too many precious, remaining U.S. manufacturing jobs at stake. But will it happen this year? Before the Presidential inauguration? Sometime in the first quarter of 2009 before Ford and GM exhaust their remaining billions in capital on hand? And once it finally comes, what (and who) will be left of the auto companies? I saw this article on The Street at the end of last week. Just in the past week we have seen an adverse trickle down affect on non-manufacturing companies making cuts due to the auto industry struggles, including advertising agencies, marketing, and technology companies.

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