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Careers That Suite Your Social Style

Article Title: Careers That Suite Your Social Style
Author Byline: Quality Over Quantity
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Who you are can, and should, affect your career. That’s right, I said it. Most people can ramble on about what they have done and what they can do but when you ask them who they are, they draw a blank! Now I can’t tell you everything about yourself, but I can help you out with determining your social style and giving you some career choices based on that.

Social Style & Career #1: Analytical

If you are an analytical, you are very organized, rational, precise, and methodical. You break everything down and consider every alternative before making a decision. You are too the point, like facts, prefer choices and don’t enjoy small talk while discussing business.

Best careers for an analytical: Scientists, Financial Analyst, Engineer, Sales

Social Style & Career #2: Amiable

If you are an amiable, you are cooperative, dependable, a good listener and a negotiator. You like to talk and avoid confrontation at all costs. You are a people pleaser.

Best careers for an amiable: Day care, Customer Service Representative, Doctor, Nurse

Social Style & Career #3: Expressive

If you are an expressive, you are enthusiastic, outgoing and creative. You love to talk, like to give advice and tend to be a little dramatic.

Best careers for an expressive: Interior Designer, Marketer, Columnist

Social Style & Career #4: Driver

If you are a driver, you are always in control. You are direct, demanding, and consider yourself superior.

Best careers for a driver: Entrepreneur, CEO, Vice President, Manager, Team Leader

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