Friday, August 22, 2008

Inaccuracy on Resumes is Nothing New

OK, this article barely touches the surface as there is plenty left open to interpretation. "Discrepant information" can mean lying about a felony or accidentally entering a wrong start date for an old job. Two extremes that should be treated differently. But evidently in India right now this is becoming a problem. The article is correct in that this is not a new problem. But the article is wrong by claiming that globalization is the cause. I think people have been lying about their work experience, education, number of past lovers…you get the idea, for as long as man has been communicating. And this article talks about the high paying business of running a Diploma Mill.

But that’s not my point today. This made me realize how different the hiring process is today versus 5-8 years ago, especially regarding background checks. If you could code Cobol during Y2k, or spell Java during the dot com boom, you could get hired. But today, more employers are verifying candidates work experience, dates, and pay rates, along with criminal records, education, credit and social security numbers. All as a contingency to hiring someone. Companies are hiring outside firms to provide this service. So if someone wants to lie on their resume or application, chances are that it will be discovered and they will not get the job. Or they can be terminated later on once the employer discovers the lie. Remember Wipro? I think most people know this already, and some are up front about any issue that might hinder the hiring process, which is the right thing to do. Because trying to hide something from your future employer is not the right way to start a new job.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Social Networking as a Reference?

I've always believed that it's a small world within the circles in which we live. Being in IT, here in the Detroit area, you cannot help but come across former colleagues at some point. As a result, you should never burn a bridge, or assume you will not come across a specific individual at some point in the future. As social networking sites gain popularity, which are occasionally used as a source of referencing, that world just gets a little smaller. Some sites feature references or recommendations as part of your profile, but as this article points out, don't assume that those recommendations suffice as an employment reference. Just because you recommend Joe and he recommends you, that doesn't mean that a potential hiring manager will not dig a lot deeper. The article mentions that hiring managers use common online contacts to backdoor reference candidates. The truth is, that practice has been done for years. The hiring manager knows someone that used to work at the same company as you and they make a phone call to see if you work and play well with the other kids. They're not only calling your formal reference to ask those questions. The social networking sites just make it easier as your contacts are out there for people to see.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Careers That Suite Your Social Style

Article Title: Careers That Suite Your Social Style
Author Byline: Quality Over Quantity
Author Website:

Who you are can, and should, affect your career. That’s right, I said it. Most people can ramble on about what they have done and what they can do but when you ask them who they are, they draw a blank! Now I can’t tell you everything about yourself, but I can help you out with determining your social style and giving you some career choices based on that.

Social Style & Career #1: Analytical

If you are an analytical, you are very organized, rational, precise, and methodical. You break everything down and consider every alternative before making a decision. You are too the point, like facts, prefer choices and don’t enjoy small talk while discussing business.

Best careers for an analytical: Scientists, Financial Analyst, Engineer, Sales

Social Style & Career #2: Amiable

If you are an amiable, you are cooperative, dependable, a good listener and a negotiator. You like to talk and avoid confrontation at all costs. You are a people pleaser.

Best careers for an amiable: Day care, Customer Service Representative, Doctor, Nurse

Social Style & Career #3: Expressive

If you are an expressive, you are enthusiastic, outgoing and creative. You love to talk, like to give advice and tend to be a little dramatic.

Best careers for an expressive: Interior Designer, Marketer, Columnist

Social Style & Career #4: Driver

If you are a driver, you are always in control. You are direct, demanding, and consider yourself superior.

Best careers for a driver: Entrepreneur, CEO, Vice President, Manager, Team Leader

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