Monday, May 19, 2008

Three Important Social Networking Tips

Article Title: Three Important Social Networking Tips
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Social networking continues to grow as more recruiters find talent on networking sites such as MySpace, LinkedIn, and Xing. These professional networking sites are the breeding grounds for positioning your company as an industry leader. The idealistic plan of most network marketers is to build a reputation within the communities, practice patience, and perform background checks on potential candidates. All recruiters and employers do not practice these three important tips, but implementing them could reward your organization with highly talented job seekers.

Are You A Leader?

Position your organization as a leader in your industry because entry level candidates are curious about organizations with successful track records. If your company exhibits characteristics of success, candidates will want to learn more. Your company’s participation in social networking communities can determine your value to its members. In this ‘atmosphere’, your participation means more than your name, title, or years of experience. Members expect leaders to invest energy in the community through knowledgeable responses on a given topic.

Practice Patience

Patience determines the success of your network marketing campaign. Some inexperienced network marketers become frustrated with their lack of results. The frustration builds until the recruiter decides to leave the sites alone. If you want to find the best candidates, you have to complete thorough research on job seekers or recent grads that participate in the communities. Your patience keeps your plans on schedule in developing readership and responsive candidates. Responsible marketing should place you before the eyes of many qualified candidates interested in successful placement within your organization or organizations. You will not receive the response you wish for the first day so expect a little time to pass before candidates inquire about your company’s capabilities.

Perform Background Checks

If you think social networking is not valuable to background checks, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) conducted a survey in 2006 which suggested 11.1% of Recruiters Use MySpace, Facebook and Other Social Networking Sites as Part of Their Background Checking Process. In 2008, more candidates’ information is cross referenced with their information presented in resumes and interviews. Many recruiters will continue to use these sites in background checks to find the best candidates who do not lie about their professional experience. Some recent grads are inexperienced with social networks so contact ones with a professional presence within the communities.

Everyone can not perform these tips effectively. It takes time to create an online brand and identity to the world. Online social networking involves consistency within a given community so your company remains globally competitive. Could you see your company as a part of the 11.1% of recruiters whom use social networks to complete background checks on your candidates? The image of your company is vital to the success of your social networking efforts.

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