Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Website Managers Role

Article Title: Website Managers Role
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A website manager is an online content producer and editor. Despite the fact that content is everywhere, the job is not an easy one because so many different areas of an organization have a different vision of what role content should play on the company’s website.

You have senior management who often does not understand web strategy or how social the web has become. Then there is the IT department that may push website features that are unnecessary. The marketing department can expect graphic heavy content and may not understand usability issues.

The Web Manager has a lot of responsibility but may end up feeling like a glorified secretary when he or she is pulled in five different directions by different departments within the organization.

For this reason it is important to hire an adaptable individual as your organization’s Website Manager. You want someone that plays well with others, can accept direction, but can also take the self-initiative to prioritize requests.

A Website Manager must also be able to wear several hats. He or she must be a fluent communicator, and have an excellent grasp of the English language.

Since most websites maintain blogs and community forums, the Web Manager must also have the ability to moderate incoming messages from the user community. This can translate into customer service and relationship management. The Web Manager must also be able to discern when it is appropriate to delete user generated posts, and when it is appropriate to respond.

The Web Manager must also keep abreast in website usability issues and keep up with what is going on in the web industry (such as social networking).

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