Friday, April 25, 2008

A Follow Up On The IT Labor Shortage Debate

I liked this article updating the IT Labor Shortage question from earlier. It talks about how IT jobs have evolved from pure technical roles to a blend of Technical and Management. And some of the reasons that it is hard to find enough people that can fill such a role, from unrealistic expectations by employers in their job descriptions to companies upgrading their technologies but not their employees. This is creating a gap between supply and demand.

From the article:
Why Are There Gaps?
As many a veteran IT job searcher will tell you, employers frequently have difficulty finding the right people with the right talents to suit their job openings because they approach the search with unrealistic expectations and insufficient compensation for what they are seeking.

“One hundred percent, the employers are unrealistic,” Miller says. “They want too much—sometimes they’ll ask for Visual Basic, .NET, XML and Java programming experience, a four year degree, certifications, and then they want someone who has a stable job history and not someone who has been a contractor for six months at one place and four months at another.”

It is sometimes difficult to explain to employers that for every skill you add to the list of requirements, the pool of qualified applicants shrinks, she notes.

IT Labor Shortage or Not, Gaps Remain

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