Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BlackBerry: Security and Sanity Risk?

Personally, I own a Blackberry and find it quite useful by allowing me to be productive outside of the office. There is always a risk of being tied to the little thing though, and here is an article questioning the dependence on the devices.

Article Title: BlackBerry: Security and Sanity Risk?
Author Byline: Need Job Hunting Advice?
Author Website: http://www.boston-technical-recruiter.com/

Following the recent Blackberry blackout, I was amazed at the potential security implications that this blackout illustrated. Even a 3 hour glitch in email communications produced some outraged responses from users around the world. A web service that has an uptime of some 99.9999% gets hammered for a tiny outage as addicted users frantically pace back and forth screaming obscenities at RIM’s apparent incompetence.

Recruiters tend to use blackberries more than is probably good for them. I have found in over two years that I don’t need one as my phone is enough. If someone has something urgent to say they can call me or wait till morning. It really is unreasonable to wake up in the middle of the night to email someone or to do it from the ski slopes. Having an actual conversation is more effective recruiting technique then email, especially in urgent situations. There is less room for misunderstandings and more can be said verbally then in writing.

I don’t have a blackberry, and I’m not planning on getting one anytime soon. However, I think it is disturbing that this one company can create such chaos with a tiny outage. If something more significant than a botched software update were to happen to the server rooms at RIM, it is conceivable that the national security of the US could be compromised. This is intolerable.

We have become so used to technology that many people would simply shut down if their “Crackberry” went out of services. It’s pretty ludicrous how much people depend on this sophisticated yet nascent technology. Users should hold the horrific thought of losing their tool at any time and should always have a backup ready. Having a backup will ensure that if something happens to RIM, nothing happens to our business.

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