Monday, February 11, 2008

Tips for Job Seekers from Kelly Services

Saw this on the Great Lakes IT Report this morning. There are some interesting findings for people in the job hunt. And one really important one for us Recruiters. According to the survey, the worst part of the job search is waiting for a response about a job. If we as Recruiters are not staying in touch with candidates regarding the status of a job, good or bad, then we are damaging our reputations both individually and as an industry. There are other aspects of the job search with which we can help our candidates, such as searching for jobs and helping word their resumes. The resumes are especially important as most survey participants did not feel that their resumes accurately illustrated their experience. As Recruiters we have some understanding of what customers are looking for and what tools and technologies they want spelled out in their job descriptions.

Not so surprising to me was that word-of-mouth was number one and Recruiter calls were number two, for methods that survey participants used to find jobs.

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