Monday, February 18, 2008

How To Tell When You Are Successful

Author Byline: Karen Burns, Working Girl
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No one decides to be a failure.

But does that mean we all decide to be successful?

Not truly. Most of us want to be live happy lives and be successes in our work, but few of us take the time to define what success is, to us personally. And if we haven't defined what we want, how can we ever get it?
Now's the time to take pen or keyboard in hand and write out exactly what success means to you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Success is doing your job well. Really well. Being good at something is a true and deep pleasure.

2. Success is working in a field you feel good about. When you go to a party and someone asks, So what do you do? pay attention to how you react. Are you quick to respond, happy to share? Or do you hesitate, or become vague, or change the subject?

3. Success is earning the amount of money that makes you happy. No less. And, weirdly, no more. Anything above enough to live on, plus some for playing and some for saving, quickly just becomes all about more stuff. It's a simple fact that more stuff does not make you happy.

4. Success is passion. It's doing what drives you, inspires you, energizes you.

5. Success is making a difference. Everyone wants to "leave a legacy." Some jobs result in a clear product you can point to and say, This is what I did. A lot do not. The key is to do whatever you do well and with love. Add to the sum total of human happiness in the world and you will be leaving a valuable legacy.

6. Success is when you can give from your abundance. You have so much time, money, energy, and love that you are able to give some away! Cool.

As you work to be successful you'll find that success is a process, not a fixed point. It's sort of a moving target. You never "get there." So ít's hugely important that you enjoy the process, that it makes you happy.

Which leads to this important final point: A lot of people say that if you are successful you will be happy. But it's the other way around. If you are happy, you will be successful..

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